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Before Google Analytics blew up, I was mostly in Omniture. It had some pretty advanced dashboard and bookmark features. I find myself missing that simple functionality in Google Analytics. But behold, it’s not unavailable… it’s just not necessarily an out-of-the-box item in Google Analytics.

If you’re doing client work, you want to take a peek at all your clients each day. It’s probably no surprise that GA’s dashboards are my solution. Still, I find the widgets they hold to be pretty elementary (unlike Omniture). But, one that I created that makes a lot of sense is a simple weekly view of search engine traffic and a chosen conversion. The dashboard can only give you two metrics and a small display range, but we can make due with this:

Weekly SEO Widget

Simple! With a quick click (or bookmark if you’re fancy), I can see how traffic looked last week vs. the week before vs. this week, etc.  When a client asks, “are we up or down,” I’ll have an answer.

How To Make This Widget

First thing to note, dashboard widgets aren’t shared across website profiles. If you have a few clients, you might have to do this a few times. Second, if you want to share this with your whole team (anyone with rights to see this data), make sure to create a widget in the “shared” group.

  1. Click Dashboards > + New Dashboard to build a brand new dashboard.  Or, to put a widget into an existing dashboard, click + Add Widget
  2. Widget Title: Name this whatever you’d like.  I called mine Weekly SEO Look.
  3. Click Table under “standard.”
  4. Under “display the following columns” select “week of year” (not “week of the year” – subtle difference), Sessions, and your preferred goal.
  5. Show the table with the max results which (unfortunately) is 10.
  6. Sorting is needed next, and the little arrows between the green and blue buttons are important. To get your widget to sort by newest to oldest date, the left arrow needs to be down.
  7. After your screen looks something like this, click save.

Widget Settings

And there you have it. A widget sorted by week, showing your new sessions and goal value.  The “week of year” format is (ex.) 201540, which in this case translates to the 40th week in 2015.  That works for me!

Nice and easy.  If you have any recipes for good widgets, share them below!

Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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One response to “How To Create A Simple Weekly SEO Widget In Google Analytics

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for giving out this useful tip. Now I personally have created this widget in Google Analytics, even I have also created more widget like viewing weekly transactions, Revenue etc. It’s really valuable for quick reporting.

    Keep sharing…!

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