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Greenlane is a digital marketing agency built for eCommerce. Sure, any agency can say that. But most agencies don’t have our experience. Let me tell you why.

Our history: Since 2005, Greenlane has supported more than 100 major retailers by improving their ROI from search. Many from our team came from GSI Commerce where ROI and enterprise optimization were the focus. Bill Sebald (me), the founder of Greenlane, started the SEO channel at GSI. Keith Urban, Managing Partner, oversaw the analytics department.

While GSI worked behind the scenes (with an exception of an Undercover Boss episode), we were solely responsible for SEO and PPC for brands like NFL, Petsmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Calvin Klein, Toys R’ Us, Aeropostale, Levi’s, and many more. We were there through the rise of eCommerce.

Eventually, eBay purchased GSI and the company’s focus was changed. Greenlane began recruiting the top marketers from the organization to continue the amazing work we had been doing with our clients.

Our pedigree: As the industry grew, so did our talents. You may have seen us speak at Pubcon, SMX, State of Search on eCommerce. You may have read our articles on Moz and Practical eCommerce. You may have heard about the free tools we’ve built to help SEOs everywhere optimize their enterprise SEO. Today we are recognized as SEM and eCommerce thought leaders and a top technical SEO firm. We have some great partners:

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What we can do for you: We’re proud of our history. But our clients are the heart of our story. Brands come to us for help improving ROI from search engines. Brands come to us when they have aggressive competition. Brands come to us when they need a strategy development or execution help.

We are not an agency that scales by creating the same deliverables over and over. Instead, we are consultants building unique plans in full partnership with our clients. We know that’s the only way to succeed today. Which is why we made major investments in our talent. Our team can go toe-to-toe with any other firm.

Bigger isn’t better: As the sweeping changes in the agency world suggest, brands are looking for deeper levels of expertise. Large agencies struggle to provide the proper attention and talent needed to reach the client’s goals. You are often assigned whichever employees have available bandwidth (even though they may not be the best fit for your business).

To counter that, Greenlane employs extremely experienced experts in all parts of digital marketing. There are no silos. The best people in the company will work on your account, constantly bringing in the right experience at the right time.

I’d love to tell you more about us. If you’d like to chat, you can use the chat box below. Or email me at bill@greenlanemarketing.com. You may also like this list of frequently asked questions.

–  Bill Sebald, Founder and Managing Partner