These are common questions asked during our initial conversations. To make it as easy and transparent as possible, we present these questions and answers here. If you need any further information, please contact us.

How is Greenlane different than other search marketing agencies?

Greenlane is an alternative to the big agency model. Our leadership came from one of North America’s most successful digital marketing agencies. We knew search engine marketing services could be better, so Greenlane has these differentiators:
    1. Greenlane is known for its expertise in thought leadership in SEO and PPC. Our team has worked with over 100 famous brands. This experience in the industry is rare. Each team member brings unique talents, and we make sure our clients benefit from our entire team.
    2. Greenlane is known for complex problem-solving. When companies have search issues they can’t solve, they call us. From Petco to Lincoln Financial to QVC to Nutrisystem, Greenlane has helped some of the biggest brands with problems that others failed to solve. We are incredibly proud of that reputation.
    3. Greenlane is internationally known for its technical expertise. We draw from experience working on many of the internet’s most complex websites. From optimizing sites with unique frameworks to crawl optimization, our services will allow you to get ahead of your competitors on the technical SEO front. In addition to technical SEO, we are known for creating web solutions not typically seen in search marketing agencies. For example, we can build voice search skills and actions, backend tools, Chrome extensions, and so on. We can create what brands need to move the needle. Even our unique free tools have become well-known in the search industry.
    4. Greenlane is known for its hands-on strategic consulting. Our team develops custom strategies for every client in an agile framework. While some agencies focus on scaling profits with silos and long, rehashed roadmaps, Greenlane will focus on giving each unique brand the custom prescriptions they need. This is the only way to succeed in search marketing.

How do you structure your pricing?

Greenlane has consulting services that are priced by the hour. PPC management is priced as a percentage of spend. This is a standard pricing method in the industry. Greenlane has competitive pricing against the agencies in our class.

How often will we talk? And in what manner?

We have clients that like to talk once a week and some that are happy with a monthly conversation. We are highly flexible.
With that said, we prefer more communication over less. We work collaboratively with our clients. We can communicate via phone, email, Slack, project management platforms, in person, etc.

Does Greenlane provide reporting?

Absolutely! Every retainer gets reporting by default. Our reporting is through Google Data Studio. You have access to view these reports at all times. These reports are dynamic, taking advantage of APIs and other data-gathering protocols. We prefer spending time analyzing rather than pulling data.

We report on your KPIs. Our default reports will have all the items you’d expect (rankings, page traffic, funnels, etc.), but we want to include the metrics and KPIs you care about. We target your business goals.

If you’d like to learn about our reporting approach, we have a blog post for that!

Or, you can download a couple of example PDFs.  1  2

What are your contract terms?

We request a three (3) month term to start. This is a reasonable period for all parties to see how well we work together. Nobody should be in a relationship they don’t like. If all parties wish to continue, we request six (6) month terms. Our contracts are straightforward. We want to create great partnerships, so we’re very transparent about our work.

What is Greenlane’s approach to working with clients?

At Greenlane, we build our approach around these characteristics. (These are the same characteristics that build our culture.)

Trusted Empowering Down to earth
Responsive Tactical Experienced
Relationship-oriented Flexible Proactive
Friendly Fun Custom

These are the same characteristics you would want from your employees. At Greenlane, we are built to be an extension of your team. We want to be at the table with all the players in your organization who can impact digital marketing success. To be successful, we are highly collaborative.

We don’t just make recommendations. We also execute and monitor for needed changes. This goes for every campaign we work on together. “Rinse, wash, repeat” is only valuable if you are not repeating the wrong steps. It’s our job to ensure everything is actionable, driven by data, and in full collaboration with your company.

What type of clients do you work with?

Greenlane does not have a specific client type. We choose clients based on a couple of important questions:

  1. Can we help the client achieve their goals?
  2. Are they good people that we want to work with?

We typically manage around 30 clients at a time, some as retainers and some as one-off projects. These clients range from local services to billion-dollar companies. B2B and B2C are no problem. While we are widely known for our ecommerce work, retailers make up less than half of our clients.

We have NDAs that prohibit us from disclosing some clients, but here are some brands we have helped.

Who are our clients?