Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of evaluating, testing and optimizing site elements to meet specific goals.

The goal of CRO is sometimes a conversion, but it can also be awareness, lead generation, or any other user-engagement goals for a page or an experience. You may know how you want people to interact with your brand, but need help getting them to do it. Other times, it’s about trying to decrease an undesirable behavior by site users.

Common CRO questions

We can implement and analyze controlled tests to begin to understand why these roadblocks occur and begin the process of fixing them:

  • “Why aren’t people completing our form?”
  • “How do we get more people to complete a purchase?”
  • “How do we engage people after the conversion?”
  • “How do we get people to return to our site?”
  • “Why is this page’s bounce rate so high?”
  • “How can we get people to do more on the site?”

Once you understand what your visitors are doing through Google Analytics, you can begin to explore why they are doing it and how to influence that behavior.

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How CRO works with Analytics

The data gathered from an Analytics strategy gives context to the elements that can be tested through CRO. Once you understand what your visitors are doing (e.g. an incomplete checkout process), you can begin to explore why they are doing it and how to influence that behavior. This is where CRO enters the equation. And that’s why we think it’s crucial to have CRO and Analytics channels working together here at Greenlane.

Examples of CRO

CRO can be as simplistic as implementing an A/B button color test or as comprehensive as multi-variate form placement and required fields tests. Different tests are required for different sites. The tested elements of a page are always tailored for the unique goals and challenges of the site at hand. Some of our popular CRO projects include:

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Testing Roadmap
  • Test Plans
  • Predictive Models

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