Baileigh Dabdoub

Baileigh was born and raised in Louisiana and currently resides in Baton Rouge. After attending LSU, she couldn’t leave! While studying at Louisiana State University, Baileigh earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Graphic Design and specialized in Photography. Shortly after graduating, she realized how strict the graphic design industry was, and so she decided to hop into marketing, which she discovered a passion for while interning for Tinder. 

After progressing in the marketing field and creating and marketing a very successful Etsy store, she decided to niche down. And, of course, she wanted a constant challenge, so what else could she choose other than SEO?

Since the decision to embark on her SEO journey, Baileigh has specialized even further in a few specific areas like audience analysis, customer journey, and funnel strategy! Her favorite industry to apply knowledge to is eCommerce, since it presents even more of a challenge!

Baileigh also has 3 dogs; Indy, Stella, and Dany, which are like her children. Other than spending time with them when she’s not working, you’ll likely find Baileigh thrifting, reading, taking pictures, working on some sort of DIY or art project, or traveling!