Content Consolidation & Optimization Yields 48% Increase in Goal Conversion Rate

Content Consolidation & Optimization Yields 48% Increase in Goal Conversion Rate

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Sometimes, paying attention to the content you already have is just as important as writing brand-new content. The Greenlane team’s time spent on a content strategy paid off with a 48% increase in our client’s goal conversion rate.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to optimize their soccer website for one of the year’s largest events, The World Cup. However, deciding how to get our content to compete amongst the billions of other search results and news stories for this topic posed quite the challenge.

The Goal

The Greenlane team set out to optimize existing pieces of content and create new pieces of content centered around The World Cup.

The Strategy

First, Greenlane stressed to the client the importance of targeting certain prominent pages to rank. Our client consistently publishes news stories, opinion pieces and other pages at a rapid rate. Over time, the website naturally becomes oversaturated, with hundreds of landing pages targeting the same keywords. 

We got to work crawling all World Cup-related pages on the website. By identifying top performers and older posts, we could “trim the fat” and redirect low-value pages to the page we wanted to rank for our competitive World Cup search terms. Our client redirected hundreds of outdated pages, which also reduced Google’s crawl budget as a bonus. Win-win for the client’s website.

Then, Greenlane utilized a strategic “hub & spoke” model to keep all World Cup-related content contained within a single URL, or the “hub.” The “spokes” link to our top-performing pages, such as the World Cup Bracket and World Cup TV Schedule. 

This “hub & spoke” model helped streamline the client’s site structure, providing a single URL for everything readers want to know about the World Cup. The URL is also easily shareable.

The Results

The optimizations provided the following improvements in the first seven weeks (from April 18 to June 6, 2022):

  • 4,450 pageviews from all users
  • 2,877 pageviews from organic traffic
  • 24% bounce rate
  • 15% exit rate  
  • 30 goal completions 

As you can see from the screenshot below, our client reaped instant rewards after publishing the World Cup Hub on April 18. As the World Cup gets closer and closer (it is scheduled for November this year), our views continue to increase:

Line graph of increasing pageviews

Our client “couldn’t be happier with the results.” We appreciate the client taking all of our recommendations and implementing them, which has made a big impact.

Not only did the optimizations attract new leads, but they attracted quality leads who were clicking on valuable CTAs. 

During the length of our SEO engagement with the client (Jan 1-May 31, 2022), we saw impressive results in terms of goal completions. Some of the top landing pages earning these goal completions targeted the World Cup!

Jan 1-May 31, 2022 vs. Previous 5 Months:

  • 24.76% increase in goal completions (189,944 vs. 152,249)
  • 48.42% increase in goal conversion rate (9.55% vs. 6.44%)
  • 25.28% increase in outbound link clicks (96,081 vs. 76,696)
  • 24.23% increase in affiliate link clicks (93,863 vs. 75,553)
    • We can see a promising trend that these numbers will continue to grow (see screenshot below)
Line graph of increasing goal completions

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*All data points are from January 1-June 6, 2022.