Content ROI Grew from $0 to $4,495 with SEO

The Challenge

Our client is a women’s clothing ecommerce site with very strong brand guidelines. The challenge here is that many of the things that may help with organic rankings – for example, a decent amount of on-page text, crawlable text, or meaningful topic clusters – are more difficult within these guidelines that favor minimalism.

Our client had previously published 30 articles without SEO consultation. Combined, these 30 articles only garnered 580 sessions and zero conversions. We then provided recommendations on the next 10 articles before they were published, and this resulted in 3,795 organic sessions and $1,209 in sales.

The Goal

The 10 articles with pre-launch consultation showed that SEO insight was valuable. But we wanted to show how much more valuable SEO insight is when considered at the start of a project.

We were tasked with creating a piece of content that would bring qualified SEO traffic, but would also fit within their firm brand guidelines.

The Strategy

We noticed that ecommerce sites were ranking for some informational searches, specifically around how to style certain clothing or what to wear to certain events. So we proposed a product-driven page that would target these informational searches.  Specifically, “how to style” a particular piece of clothing that was a high priority for the business.

We knew the ins and outs of the brand guidelines we’d have to adhere to. So we tweaked an already-existing template on their site. The idea was to split the page into 5 topic clusters based on audience questions and keyword research. Each cluster consisted of a block of on-brand and informational “how to” copy that would answer their questions with expert advice, as well as provide links to relevant product and category pages.

The Results

This one article alone yielded $4,495 and 11,569 sessions in 11 months. This experiment helped us solidify prioritizing SEO insight throughout our client’s future content creation process.