SEO & Content Strategy efforts lead to 77% MoM Pageview Increase


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The Challenge

Our client, a leader in online pet health, had a suspicion that there was a gap in their content offering. Specifically, they didn’t have appropriate content on their site to answer the dozens of user-submitted questions about dog penises. Competitors were performing well organically for this topic, which surprisingly matched exceptionally high search volume.

The Goal

Greenlane would provide a data-backed business case to support our client’s hunch. Then we would develop a content creation plan to include topics, target keywords and copywriting support. Specifically, we were tasked with: “what content should (client) create to answer all these dog penis questions?”

The Strategy

Phase one of our approach started with data mining. Using a question submission feature on client’s site, Greenlane examined all of the dog-penis-related questions submitted by users. From this research we developed a list of six sub-topics being asked by dog owners.

Next up was keyword research. Through our efforts here, we found 38 relevant keywords. These keywords resembled our topics from data mining on site, but produced 3 additional topics.

A competitive analysis found that our client ranked for very few terms related to this topic. While our client had just one very specific article, competitors beat them with robust guides covering a range of topics.

Our Recommendation

Through content analysis and competitive research, our recommendation was to create an overall guide that includes quick answers for specific questions related to the topic at hand. This would cover a variety of semantically related topics to the main focus of dog penis health. Inclusion of chapters and headings would relate to exactly what users are looking for.

Greenlane provided an outline detailing what each section heading of the guide should relate to, as well as providing top keywords to consider for each heading and topic category.

We provided a plan for reworking the existing article to include all of the new information, and the legacy page would be consolidated by redirection into the new content.

The Results

When the content was launched, the client saw steady traffic growth, resulting in over 12,000 incremental organic sessions. Within the first month of publishing, sessions saw a 100% increase MoM.

Because our client relies on pageviews for the majority of their revenue stream, this was an important metric for us. Post launch, organic pageviews (the primary KPI) realized an incremental growth of  77% in month one, or 15,000 additional pageviews.

Finally, on the SEO-front, keyword visibility also saw improvement due to our efforts. The primary keyword, “dog penis health” increased ranking position from 5 to 3. Additionally, the number of keywords driving traffic to our new landing page increased by 305% from 346 keywords in September to 1,400 in December.

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