Paid media is content that’s promoted through paid placements like video ads, pay per click (PPC) ads, pop-ups, and sponsored social media posts. Paid media campaigns can offer instant access to leads, helping businesses generate more visibility, engagement, and revenue.

Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC was great at hitting our efficiency targets and adapting to them as they changed. If we asked for a cost-per-acquisition target of $100, Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC would meet it.

Director of Growth Marketing, Caregiver Network

Paid Search Management

Greenlane’s approach to PPC is centered around quality  By creating highly relevant keywords within tightly knit ad groups, we ensure that we achieve the highest ad position for the lowest cost per click possible. Continual testing and experimentation ensure that our campaigns are always evolving.

Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social advertising is the process of buying media inventory from top social media platforms to get your message in front of users at the optimal time during their purchase process. Paid Social advertising puts your ad in front of potential customers while they are on social media platforms.

Display Advertising

Greenlane’s Display practice is centered around using the best vendors and tools available to meet your goals. We choose to be partner agnostic so that we can help you select the right partner for your business needs – this extends to direct buys, content networks, and DSP platforms.