PPC case study

PPC Account Restructure Increased Leads by 80%

A Google Ads account restructure lowered CPL by 18% in Less Than 4 Months and led to improved relevancy and engagement for this Online University, allowing lead submissions to soar!

The Challenge 

Our client offers online education programs focused exclusively on healthcare. They originally partnered with Greenlane for their SEO efforts, but recently signed on to our PPC offering after we provided a compelling audit of their Google account. 

The audit identified clear account structural issues hindering their ability to capture efficient leads and grow the program. For instance, the client spent 88% of their yearly budget on Broad match keywords, which had a 77% lower CTR and 65% lower conversion rate than other match types.

The Goal

Improve relevancy across the account, weeding out the irrelevant, low converting traffic, and focusing on improving engagement and conversion rates through tailored ad messaging and landing pages to those searchers with a higher intent to convert.

The Strategy

Greenlane used the current account structure and historical data to guide the restructure. Some of the more impactful tactics that were completed with the restructure included:

  • Identifying low hanging fruit optimizations that were quick wins, seeing improved performance immediately after implementation.
  • Implementing a keyword match type strategy to ensure efficient, relevant traffic, structured in a way that allowed for tailored messaging (more information on a match type strategy can be found here).
  • Revamping the entire account’s ad messaging strategy to align with the new structure and improve ad engagement.
  • Identifying new landing page testing opportunities to again increase conversion rate, time on site, and pages/session to increase lead submissions.

The Results

In the client’s first four months with Greenlane, they enjoyed a 75% increase in ad clickthrough rate year over year, a 21% lift in conversion rate and an 80% increase in leads, all with an 18% lower CPL. All of these metrics are the highest the client has experienced in the last decade! Even during the current pandemic when many advertisers have experienced a dip in demand, Greenlane has been able to adapt quickly, allowing this Online University to far exceed their lead goals.