Technical SEO Grew Total Indexed Pages (From 60 to 6,086)

The Challenge

Our client runs a site where vets answer questions from curious pet owners. The topics range from common ailments to specific pet behaviors. Therefore, the site is filled with thousands of pages of helpful answers and articles written by trusted professionals. The problem was most of these pages weren’t being indexed. We were brought on to help determine why.

The Goal

Determine the technical issues, fix them, and get site indexed.

The Strategy

We began with a Technical Audit of their site to find any underlying issues that might be causing the indexation problem. We determined multiple fixes to be made – but most prominently we found that the site had language issues.

Specifically, there were no hreflang tags, which Google uses to determine the language of your audience when you have multi-regional domains. Because they were a .co instead of .com site, Spanish language ads were being generated to their US audience. (Google assumed .co meant Colombian.)

After all of the technical fixes were made, we saw an immediate increase in the number of pages indexed. Simultaneously, we managed on-page optimizations, generated new content ideas for their site, and conducted linkbuilding initiatives for a completely well-rounded SEO strategy.

The Results

The client’s site went from 60 pages indexed to 6,086 in just a few months. But we didn’t stop there – stay tuned for Part II of this case study: Now That We’re Indexed, Let’s Grow Traffic.