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When doing competitor research, finding keywords they rank for is a fairly easy task with all of the tools available to us. However, it can be difficult to aggregate their ranking keywords into general topics. To help target topics instead of keywords, Sean Malseed built a Topic Opportunity Finder. By inputting some SEMrush data, you can easily find the following:

  • Ranking topics of competitors
  • Total search volume for topics
  • Best ranking competitor URL for topic
  • Keywords the competition ranks for
  • Search volume by keyword

Taking this information, you can identify topics that your competition is ranking for, but you aren’t, or you can identify variations of those keywords that people are searching for and target them better than your competitors.

Read our blog post for more information on the tool plus a use case. Nicole Hess also presented a webinar over at SEMrush with the topic of SEO Keyword Research Matures to Topic Intent, which includes the use of an alpha version of this tool.

You can access the tool below – but don’t forget to read the instructions!

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Step 2:

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  1. Go to semrush and get your API key. There’s 3 steps to finding it. Set aside and save this API key for later.
  2. In SEMrush, enter in your competitor’s domain. Go to Organic Ranking > Top Organic Keywords > View Full Report and then Export keywords. You can find instructions here.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for any other competitors you may want to evaluate. Combine all exports into one sheet.
  4. If your combined exports exceed 50,000 keywords, you will have to reduce the number by removing duplicates, brand names, and keywords with less than 100 monthly searches.
  5. Click the link in the form above to get the tool. Make a copy of the Google sheet.
  6. Input the API key from Step 1 on the “Settings” tab. Also on this tab, enter your domain.
  7. Paste the exported competitor rankings from SEMrush into the “Paste SEMrush competitor keywords” tab (no more than 50,000 rows).
  8. Wait patiently for results! Topics will generate in the “Topic Opportunities” tab.
  9. Once all topics are generated, copy the entire “Topic Opportunities” sheet and past them “as values”. Do this so that the whole sheet doesn’t have to reload every time you open it.

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