Our collective intelligence is our biggest service”

Keith Urban, Managing Partner
(That’s our co-founder, Keith Urban. We can’t confirm the country singer has ever said this.)

Greenlane is a company that was built to be an alternative to standard digital marketing agencies. The founders and others at Greenlane worked at one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the United States. But we found the model, which generally favors internal scaling and profits, was too stiff to drive proper client success. So in 2012, we gambled with a new service model. And we found it was a better fit for all our clients.

The Greenlane team solves new problems every day. We don’t provide the same prescription to each client. We work closely to develop monthly campaigns and plans to get closer to your goals. There is no magic button in search marketing. If you want to achieve a maximum ROI, you need to adopt a monthly test, build, and study procedure. That is where we come in. We influence search engines and visitors to favor your brand with the right data and signals.

Greenlane may be a popular search marketing agency, but we are also choosy. We only work with companies that we believe we can help. We are a relationship agency that puts partnerships and value over long contracts. And, we sought out the best talent for our services. Our team can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry.

To summarize, Greenlane is a small team of experts with big experience. An all-star team of sorts. We put relationships before contracts and have skin in the game. With Greenlane, you don’t need to worry about whether you have the best players to roll into your current marketing teams. And you will never be wondering what our team is doing. Our collaborative nature and agile marketing approach is at the core of all our successes.

Core values of a Greenlaner

These are the main 5 traits that guide our behavior and actions, which ultimately become our culture. They’re the backbone of our goals. While search algorithms, strategies, and methods may change, these remain the same.

Be Transparent

We are honest and forthright with each other and our clients. And we aren’t afraid to speak up and assert our voices when we need to. We fight for what we know is right, especially when it comes to our clients’ strategies. And we push our fellow Greenlaners to be our best selves.

Be Helpful

We’re fully integrated into our clients’ businesses. We treat them like partners, taking on their problems and offering them custom solutions. We also want to be a valuable resource in the digital marketing community.

Be Effective

We strive for efficiency and results. We are data-first, meaning we track and then we implement. We give real, actionable results to clients with the goal of making a big impact that’s seen and understood across their business.

Be Passionate

We love what we do. We’re always asking questions, testing and solving problems. We give our all and we have fun doing it – because we all think what we do is pretty awesome. 

Be Curious

We make a habit of seeking knowledge. We’re eager to really learn about our clients and their goals. We find innovative solutions. And we’re always sharing the latest news and tools within our industry.

Ready to partner with us?

From day one, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager committed to helping you hit your goals. You can choose to engage in a one-off project, or a monthly retainer. Either way you’ll have access to all of our tech, analytics and strategy experts.