Dedicated Account Manager: All clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who is responsible for no more than 6 clients. However, the support doesn’t stop at your AM. We have a collaborative team, with subject matter experts in all areas. When you partner with Greenlane, you have the support of our full agency.

Regular Communication: Based on needs, all clients speak with their account manager on the cadence that works best for you, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In-between calls, we stay in touch via Slack, email, Asana, or your preferred toolset, and are always happy to schedule ad hoc meetings.

Live Reporting: Greenlane utilizes Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) to provide a robust dashboard customized to your specific KPIs. You have access to your data at all times, and we help you make sense of the numbers, providing actionable insights and adjusting strategies based on results.

Full Ownership: Your data and all assets that are created during your engagement with Greenlane belong to you, including reports and advertising accounts. Even when it’s time for us to part ways, you won’t have to worry about getting access to your accounts, deliverables and data.

Extension of Your Marketing Team: You’ll find that we aren’t a typical vendor. We take the time to really understand your business and create custom strategies that fit your specific needs. We work closely with you to develop strategies and campaigns that push the needle, not just on marketing metrics, but your organization’s KPIs.

Data-Driven Strategy: Your campaigns are led by data and incoming trends, not long roadmaps. Our agile approach allows flexibility to switch up strategies when your business objectives change, or any big industry updates happen.

Industry Updates: We believe in continued learning. Our team is always reading the latest news, learning about algorithm updates, attending conferences and growing our skillset to better serve you. We pass along POVs and demystify Google updates, letting you know what they really mean to your business.

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