Local Seo for a flower shop

Revenue Growth YOY Improved via Local SEO Strategy

Note: due to our contracts, the client related to this case study must be anonymous. However, if you have any questions inspired by this document, please contact us at info@greenlanemarketing.com.

The Situation:

A localized florist based in southern Australia, wanted to substantially increase sales from organic traffic in order to become less reliant on pay-per-click (PPC), while building its brand and establishing itself as an authority in their local market. Despite being localized, the client was still facing big brand competition from online flower retailers (both national and international).

Identification of Issues:

The client was already quite tech savvy and engaged GSM because they needed assistance from both a marketing and a technical SEO standpoint. Unlike most online stores, the client’s main demographic was contained to a 30-mile radius, which needed precision focus on strategies and tactics that would enhance their local online presence. A great understanding of Pigeon (and its implementation in an international market) and local SEO was required.

The Fix:

The first part of the process was to audit the website for any technical and authority (unnatural linking) issues. We assessed and researched each page’s technical health and looked for missing on-page elements. We checked to make sure the site’s navigation and internal links were properly optimized in order to make the best use of crawl budget (required to compete against highly-SEO-friendly big brands). Part of the technical work we completed for this client included new navigation recommendations and implementation, as well as providing suitable 301 redirect paths for some duplicate pages. Usability was also reviewed.

Schema markup had been previously implemented by the client, but was a little messy. We made sure that Schema markup was implemented properly across the board, with local Schema markup in particular because of the nature of the client’s target market.

Once valuable changes were made and a clean bill of health was issued, we conducted extensive keyword research in order to find the best locally focused keywords to track. This included competitive keyword research as well, to benchmark opportunity despite the big brand presence.  We researched the site’s most important pages to make sure they had plenty of high-quality content filled with relevant information and keywords.

The most important piece of this project was the local SEO work we completed. In addition to finding and correcting the client’s local citations across the Web we made sure the client’s business was listed correctly in the major local directories, Google My Business in particular.

After fixing the technical and authoritative elements we began earning quality links to the client’s site, creating campaigns that helped attract Google’s attention. We customized our tactics and scaled down our linkbuilding campaigns to the local level in order to meet the client’s specific needs as a local florist.

It wasn’t long until the fruits of our labors were realized. The client acquired several links from high-authority, Australia-based websites, but that wasn’t nearly all. Most notably, the client’s rankings rose to the number one spot in the SERPs for both local and global keywords that were targeted, overtaking their competitors in all cases.

The Results:

The client enjoyed a 125 % lift in revenue year over year (see a 3 week YOY snapshot below), or a $33,600 improvement in just 3 weeks, for a total of $60,000. There’s a lot of revenue in consistently good natural search rankings, and this is only the start.

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