Analytics answers the who, the how, and gives insight into the why, of your user interactions.

Common analytics questions

  • “What do I do with this data?”
  • “Is the data even right?”
  • “How can my data be more efficient?”
  • “What am I missing?”
  • “How can this help me drive higher conversions or revenue?”

We are a data-first company.  This means everything we do is based on data and the stories hidden within the numbers.  We can help whether you’re new to Analytics or struggling to make sense of the data you already have. Repeated surveys show that organizations continue to report dissatisfaction with their ability to use their data, despite investing more in the Analytics process. Our services are designed to solve those pain points.

Issues we help solve

  • Data quality and integrity
  • Inconsistent integration (finding meaning in the data)
  • Communicating results to stakeholders, and promoting testing and learning
  • Cart abandonment
  • Evaluating marketing mix against business objectives
  • Cross-platform data / tool integration
  • Creating a holistic data view
  • Identifying performance baselines and good-better-best performance modeling
  • Analytics / tag management platform migrations

Why implement an analytics strategy?

“Use data to inform, not rule, your decisions” -Krista Park, Director of Analytics

Analytics management strategies help turn data into real, actionable decisions to match your goals and KPIs. Digital teams that don’t properly manage their data miss out on opportunities and may lose the trust of investors and partners in the organization.

Analytics services we provide

The main things to focus on are: getting a clear plan of action for cleaner data, more efficient reporting, and better insight about how your digital initiatives are performing. Once we get to know the ins and outs of your organization, we’ll provide a custom Analytics assessment to provide quick and clear feedback and plans of action, with specific focuses available, including:

  • Creating measurement plans including objective – KPI – metric mapping
  • Data Audits and Gap Analysis of existing tracking and data methodologies
  • Tracking implementation guides including tags, variables, and firing rules
  • Creation, enhancement, and automation of key reports/dashboards
  • Roadmap for maturing as an Analytics-driven organization
  • Deep dive analyses including: visitor behavior, attribution, and persona development

Our team has done analytics work for:

Do you think you could be getting more from your website data and have more measurable marketing strategies? Get in touch!

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