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Digital Marketing SEO

SEO is an Experiment

The complexities of SEO are exacerbated by the limited visibility we have into Google’s algorithm. Google claims more than 200 signals make up the main web search algorithms. When Google told us content, links, and RankBrain are the biggest contributor, it didn’t exactly unravel any mysteries of how to improve …
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The Lesser Used Metrics of Ecommerce

We all know the metric rockstars of eCommerce reporting – transactions, revenue, average order value, etc. This post isn’t about those metrics – they already get enough press. This is about the unsung, and too-often ignored, metrics of eCommerce. These are the details that are not as glamorous, but can …
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unlock ga

Unlocking More Data with Google Analytics 360

Google recently announced the launch of Analytics 360 with seemingly little fanfare. (I was hoping for fireworks, or at least a few streamers so my definition of ‘little’ may be a bit off.) The newer products all revolve around the core of analytics, but show some breadth and depth of …
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2 Technical

How To Keep Your Disavow File Fresh

Chances are the disavow.txt file you sent to Google is outdated. As Google keeps discovering and rolling out Penguin updates, it’s discovering links that were missed on the first go-round. It's important to also realize that the link data tools you used for your disavow are typically much …
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http vs http2
Digital Marketing SEO 2 Technical


HTTP2, the new Web protocol slated to go live any day now, aims to be a faster, more efficient protocol. HTTP1.1 is the current predecessor and has been around for about 15 years. The problem with HTTP1.1 is that can only load requests one at a time, one request per …
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