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10 Ways to Use the Wayback Machine to Improve Your SEO

The Wayback Machine is well known as a useful tool for viewing the way websites looked in the past. It’s always fun to pop in a URL from your favorite websites to see how far they’ve come since the early days of the internet (and maybe make fun of them …
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12 Valuable Lessons on Redesigns, Replatforming & Migrations

If you asked me 1000+ days ago if I thought I would consistently have some redesign, replatform, or migration on my to-do board I would have laughed. Not because redesigns make me laugh like Bill #Sebald stories, but because I…
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4 Tools for Getting Ahead of SEO Disasters

We recently had a client launch a new site in WordPress. It was appropriately in a staging area before launch. Instinctively upon hearing the news of the launch, we decided to look for a robots tag. Sure enough, every page was marked as “noindex, nofollow”. The client was able …
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