Shopping Feed Optimizations Lead to 40% Increase in New Users and 161% Increase in Conversions from Free Clicks

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The Challenge

An Amish furniture e-commerce store needed to increase their reach across both paid and organic channels, but a limited budget and high competition within the furniture space made it difficult to do so efficiently.

The Goal

Increase reach, on-site customer service chats, and transactions while staying within budget.

The Strategy

To start, Greenlane used negatives within our Shopping campaigns to help us match to longer-tail, more qualified keywords rather than broad furniture terms. This led to more meaningful spend and kept us out of competition with most big brands. 

We then made some quick optimizations to our client’s shopping feed titles, making sure to include important keywords and quality qualifiers at the beginning of each. We also pulled product descriptions from product pages to give users more information and optimize for keywords we could not fit in the title. 

These initial optimizations provided a small improvement in clicks, impressions, and click-through rate, but we weren’t seeing a large number of conversions. To improve our efficiency, we decided to target only beds, desks, and dining tables in both a Brand and Non-brand campaign. 

In our second round of Shopping Feed updates, we decided to improve the product titles even further by adding in product synonyms. This would allow us to increase the number of keywords we match to. We still kept important keywords towards the front of the title and emphasized quality. We also added dimensions on products that did not vary in size. Since users are less likely to search for each piece of furniture’s name than they are the type of furniture we’re looking for, we tacked product names onto the end of the title. This ensured the important keywords in the titles were visible in our product listings and not lost to truncation.

The Results

Comparing the results of each round of optimization for our Shopping campaigns, the second round performance was a bit underwhelming for Desks and Beds. Dining Tables saw some significant improvements, however.

  • Desks saw about 30% less clicks and impressions and was down 5 total conversions, but it did bring in a transaction worth about $2K. We had zero transactions in the period before.
  • Beds remained relatively stable and only brought in one additional on-site chat.
  • Dining Tables saw 20% increases in clicks and impressions and brought in 3 on-site chats where we had zero in the period before.

The results were much more impressive on the organic side once Google started picking up our client’s Shopping Feed for free listings on Surfaces Across Google. The Round 2 optimizations provided the following improvements in a little over two months:

  • 40% increase in Users
  • 40% increase in New Users
  • 161% increase in total conversions
  • 74% increase in conversion rate
  • 112% increase in on-site chats
  • 7 transactions valued at approximately $20K compared to zero in the period before

Optimizing Shopping Feed product titles not only helped achieve some small improvements in Paid Search, it also significantly increased performance in Surfaces Across Google.