Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social advertising is the process of buying media inventory from top social media platforms to get your message in front of users at the optimal time during their purchase process.

Paid Social advertising puts your ad in front of potential customers while they are on social media platforms. Ads can take a variety of forms depending on the target platform. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more, make up the core of Paid Social platforms.

Why do brands need Paid Social in their marketing mix?

Organic social posting is no longer enough. The social platforms, especially Facebook, are constantly restricting brand organic reach in favor of a pay-to-play approach.

Time spent on social media is increasing yearly. Reports indicate that in the US, social media app usage makes up 30-50% of mobile device activities. Paid Social advertising gets your ads into the apps that your target audience spends their time using.

An easy add-in to complement existing marketing. Paid Social can use segmentation strategies from Email, remarketing strategies from PPC or DIsplay, and leverage creative concepts from Display programs. It’s the natural evolution to any growth-focused marketing program, which opens up an entire new world of inventory to expand your brand’s reach and awareness to potential customers.

Successful Paid Social Strategies

Setting clear expectations for Paid Social is crucial to building a foundation that will then guide the channel’s strategy. Expect an extended ramp-up period. It is unusual to start a paid social program and instantly hit goals. Paid Social requires a ramp-up period to assess the best audiences and creative messaging per the platform to achieve your goals.

Successful programs are always testing. Explore audiences, platforms, ad units, creative images, ad copy, landing pages. Test everything that can influence a user’s decision to interact with your brand on the platform and then while on site.

Paid Social should complement your existing marketing and brand persona, successful programs thoughtfully infuse the tone of the brand into their paid social posts. We are strong believers that marketing should have purpose and tie back into your brand’s mission.

Paid Social Services We Provide

Media Strategy & Planning. Our team works with you to determine the optimal social media platforms, messaging, and creative assets for your business and campaign goals.

Program Setup-Up & Flighting. From start to finish we’ll help set up the audiences, campaigns, and creatives for your program, whether you have a pre-existing program or are starting from scratch. We can liaise with any third parties you may be working with to ensure a successful launch and ongoing program optimization.

Remarketing, Prospecting, & Lookalikes. We work with you to ensure your message gets in front of the right consumers at the right time to best reach your goals.

Dynamic Ad Campaigns. Take remarketing a step further by showing site visitors products they viewed or carted on your website while they browse Facebook.

Creative & Landing Page A/B Testing. Learn how to best customize your messaging and creative per target audience group by setting up experiments to measure the effectiveness of your ads and landing pages. Knowing how to tailor ads to remarketing lists versus prospects is a critical element of Paid Social success.

Note: We are not a design agency, but can help guide asset development.

Does Paid Social sound like the right marketing channel for your business? Get in touch.