Meetup Group Analyzer Tool

There is plenty of value in Meetup groups. If you’ve never taken part, they are organized get-togethers of people united by a common interest. They are managed through Anybody can make a Meetup group for very little cost.

Participating in Meetup groups, from a business perspective, is often a great networking or learning opportunity. Some can be attended by hundreds or thousands people. It’s also really impactful if you pick a growing group relevant to your business and make yourself a big part of it.

Or, if you’re on this site, you’re probably a marketer. Meetups are great to sponsor as well. It’s good advertising to an interested audience.

How can we find such groups, without digging through hundreds of pages manually? We decided to build a tool that scrapes Meetup data into a Google sheet, analyzes, and shows trends and stats.

Read more here on the logic behind the tool and how to use it, or access the tool below.

Get the tool! Click the button below to open the Google doc.

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