Why Choose Greenlane?

Your goals will be our focus.

We help build your online brand and marketing campaigns with your goals and KPIs at the root of every decision.

We’ll think about your users.

We help visitors engage with your products and services – not just in search results, but on your website.

We’re agile and flexible.

We optimize with modern, monthly strategies specifically for your site, instead of outdated tactics and project plans.

Need something to share with your team?

Learn what Greenlane can do for your organization by taking a closer look at our company information brochure.

Still, have questions about our services? We have a robust Q&A with questions from companies like you!

Consulting Retainer

(Includes SEO, Analytics, CRO, and Content Strategy)

  • National or International Retainer: Minimum of $7,000 per month (35 hours).
  • Local SEO Retainer: Minimum of $4,000 per month (20 hours).
  • Would you prefer a project? We can support based on our current bandwidth. Please ask about projects. *

Priced at $200 per hour, the consulting retainer covers all aspects of technical SEO, contextual SEO (including content strategy), conversion rate optimization, analytics, reporting, link acquisition, and more. They all work together to achieve your goals. We will help determine the right balance for each component. This can even change from month to month to ensure we are meeting your business goals.

Our experience and agility mean we can fill any gaps within your current team. Do you need us for strategy development? Execution? Perhaps both? We can do it all.

With digital marketing, you get out what you put in. We are transparent about our pricing so you can determine the budget that works for you.

* Prefer an ad-hoc project instead of a full consulting retainer? Projects are available as bandwidth permits at an increased rate of $225 per hour. If your budget does not support a retainer, a project may be right for you.

Paid Media Management

Tiered Pricing – use our Calculator for exact pricing.

Greenlane can build, manage, and optimize your PPC, Paid Social, and Display campaigns, priced as a percentage of ad spend. Included in the fee will be text ads, PLA management, and remarketing on the Google Display Network as needed.

Whether you need full restructuring or help building on existing campaigns, your ROI is the priority. We’ll work with you to create and manage effective campaigns that convert while minimizing your CPC and obtaining as many conversions as possible.

Use our PPC Calculator and get an exact understanding of our fee structure. Works for Paid Social and Display too.

$1,500 flat-rate fee, plus percent of spend below.

Monthly Ad Spend Range Management Fee
$1 – $25,00012.00%
$25,001 – $50,00010.00%
Urban Outfitters
ama logo
Lincoln financial group
net nanny