Greenlane keeps it simple. We have two service types below.

If you have questions, we have a robust Q&A with questions from companies like yours.


Monthly Consulting Retainer

Includes SEO, Analytics, CRO, Content Strategy, PPC Guidance

Priced at $225 per hour, the consulting retainer covers recommendations and supports implementation. We work within your budget. Each month, the Greenlane team will build plans for ROI growth with consideration of your marketing budget and goals. This service is ideal for businesses who want to grow their audience through search engines and various digital advertising platforms.

Paid Media Management

Includes building, managing and optimizing your PPC and Display campaigns

This includes text ads, social ads, PLA management, and remarketing on the Google Display Network as needed. Greenlane will work with you to create and manage effective campaigns that convert while minimizing your CPC and obtaining as many conversions as possible.

Use the below calculator to easily view our fees by entering your ad spend.

Type your monthly PPC ad spend below:

Greenlane's management fee: 1,500.00

The above calculation includes a $1,500 flat-rate fee plus this tier:

Monthly Ad Spend RangeĀ  Management Fee
$1 – $25,000 12.00%
$25,001 – $50,000 10.00%
$50,001+ 8.00%

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