The Big List of PPC Resources and Articles [Updated for 2022]

Whether you’re new to the world of PPC or have been in the field for years, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the strategies and tools that can make your work more efficient. Luckily, the Paid Media team at Greenlane mined the internet for you, and curated this list of articles, tools, and hacks that can help you bring your PPC game to the next level.

Add these articles to your to-be-read list, and let us know in the comments what tip or tool you found to be the most helpful!

Account management

Paid media account management has always been best left to the professionals. In recent years, however, even the professionals have had a difficult time keeping up with Google’s latest whims when it comes to expanding keyword match types and “smart” optimization settings. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of these updates and looking for resources that you can share with clients rather than explaining why Google’s Recommendations are not always a good idea, we’ve got you covered. The following are articles on how to improve your campaign, tips, tricks and campaign advice.

Shopping specific

Creating Shopping campaigns is easy; mastering Shopping campaigns is a science. If you’re struggling to get the kind of return on investment you’d expect from these bottom-of-funnel ad units, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled the following list of resources to help you regain control of your Shopping campaigns and then take them to the next level.


As a paid media specialist, reporting is one of the most important tasks you complete on a weekly or monthly basis. Your reports allow you to show your clients or stakeholders what you’ve been doing with their account and how it’s improving their investment – both in you as a consultant, and in their ad spend.

Reporting is also very time consuming if you’re not automating the repetitive tasks as much as possible. Use the following resources to stop wasting so much time on reporting each month. Then use that extra time to make your visuals and insights more impactful.


Every good marketer has a toolbox full of useful sites that make repetitive tasks easy. If there’s a process you find yourself doing over and over throughout the day, chances are, somebody else has already automated it. Here are a few handy PPC tools to streamline your processes.

Chrome plugins

Paid media management has a technical side that requires us to occasionally put on our tech support hats and dig into website code. If your tracking isn’t working, your numbers aren’t going to look as good as they should, and you’ll lose credit for all of your hard work.

Knowing how to identify issues and troubleshoot is an essential skill. On the other hand, sometimes a good plugin can help you gather valuable insights from the SERPs without you having to lift a finger. There are plenty of plugins out there worth mentioning, but these five are the essentials.


Search engines have changed A LOT over the years. Keeping track of all those changes is nearly impossible, but important if you’re digging into a report from a few years ago and trying to make sense of what was going on with PPC ads at the time. Did the ads look more “ad-like”? Were ads in the sidebar? When did Callout Extensions become a thing? If Google Ads was a category on Jeopardy, this would be your study guide.

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