Display Ads

Greenlane’s Display practice is centered around using the best vendors and tools available to meet your goals. We choose to be partner agnostic so that we can help you select the right partner for your business needs – this extends to direct buys, content networks, and DSP platforms.

Greenlane will utilize existing data within your accounts, existing Display partners, GA, etc., as well as information provided by you regarding goals and current marketing needs to best inform the Display strategy recommendations.

Display Planning

We work with you to help evaluate the needs of the business and identify the appropriate audience targets: Demographic, Behavioral, Geographic, Content, Affinity, etc. Based upon your goals, we’ll research target networks that are most suitable to reach those target audiences: Prospecting, Acquisition, Lookalikes, Retargeting, and Conquesting. Our team has experience building out evergreen Display programs, as well as shorter, flight-based programs to support individual brand initiatives.

Are you targeted but limited?

Focus on the audience you are trying to reach versus where you want to reach them.

Are you testing?

Try out multiple inventory sources, targeting tactics and creative treatments to find the right mix.

Are you setting the right goals?

A win for display ads is often different from other marketing channels. Consider focusing on micro-conversions rather than sign ups and sales.

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Display Services We Provide

  • Media Planning & Buying

  • Campaign Set-up & Flighting

  • Direct Buy, Programmatic, Exchanges

  • Prospecting, Contextual, Lookalike, Retargeting

  • Social, Newsletters & More