Search Engines You Never Knew Existed

As a search engine junkie, I’m always pulling for the little guy with a unique idea. I love competition in the marketplace. Sadly, the dominance of Google (and others) forced many of these into the shadows.

But if you are curious like me, I present Greenlane’s active list of search engines:

  • Baidu – The leading search engine in China.
  • Boardreader – For forums and message boards.
  • Brave – Private search engine.
  • Openverse – For copyright-free content.
  • ContactOut – A search engine for finding contacts with very accurate data.
  • Disconnect – Search anonymously without the search engine tracking your searches.
  • Dogpile – Metasearch engine.
  • DuckDuckGo – Helps searchers protect their privacy.
  • Ecosia – Plants trees around the world when you search through their service.
  • Ekoru – Donates some of its revenue to partner charities.
  • FindSounds – Search the web for sounds.
  • Gigablast – Doesn’t track your data.
  • Gibiru – Unfiltered private search.
  • giveWater – Self-described social impact search engine.
  • Infinity Search – This doesn’t save what users search for and doesn’t log information about visitors.
  • LiveDeal – Converted to a local restaurant listing site.
  • Local.com – Helps you find businesses and events in your city.
  • Lukol – Completely anonymous search engine.
  • MetaGer – Nonprofit organization that guarantees privacy.
  • Million Short – Removes the top million most popular websites from search results.
  • Neeva – Ad-free and affiliate-free search engine.
  • OneSearch – Privacy search engine.
  • Oscobo – Doesn’t use third-party scripts or tools.
  • Pronto.com – Price comparison search engine.
  • Qwant – Privacy search engine.
  • Retrevo Converted to a search engine for product manuals.
  • Search Encrypt – Uses local encryption to ensure you stay private.
  • SearchMe – Visual search engine.
  • Shodan – Lets you search for various types of servers, including webcams and routers.
  • SlideShare – Search engine for documented slideshow presentations.
  • StartPage – Private search engine that serves answers from Google.
  • Swisscows – Doesn’t store personal data, IP addresses, or search queries.
  • The Wayback Machine – Search old versions of web pages.
  • TinEye – Reverse image search.
  • Wiki.com – Search thousands of wikis.
  • WolframAlpha – Compute answers to problems.
  • Yandex – Popular search engine in Russia.
  • ZABASEARCH – People and public information search engine.
  • zapmeta – Searches simultaneously through multiple sources.


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