Content Strategy

Content Strategy guides the content you plan, produce and promote based on your company’s goals and users’ needs.

Content is the reason people are visiting your page. A content strategy weaves all elements of marketing and business goals together to create the best possible user experience.

Content questions that strategies can guide

  • “What kind of content should we produce? When is the right time to publish, and how frequently?”
  • “Content was an afterthought during our redesign, and now our site is a mess. What can we do?”
  • “We don’t like our content now, but we want it to be great. Where do we start?”
  • “We have a lot of outdated content, some of it is good, but there’s just so much. How do we know what to get rid of?”
  • “I’ve heard blogs are good for SEO. Should we start a blog?”
  • “Can we measure the impact/ROI of our content? How?”

Benefits of content strategy

When content strategy is recognized and used, it’s like all of your communications channels are in sync. Everything from your company’s mission statement to your latest tweet come together seamlessly. This helps guide brand consistency, timely decisions and can efficiently collect performance data across channels. Do your PPC and SEO campaigns share a content strategy? There’s valuable data that can (and should) be shared across both. If you’re worried about missing out on opportunities like this, we can help.

How we help

Ideally a content strategy should be created before you actually create and publish any content on your site. But we understand it’s not on everyone’s radar – yet.

So many companies have recognized the perils of ignoring content in a redesign until it’s too late. The longer you wait, the messier it becomes. But there’s no such thing as a lost cause. We’re eager to help clients clean up their existing site and begin to produce content that’s true to who they are and exactly what their audience needs. Common content strategy projects at Greenlane include:

  • Content Strategy Discovery
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Blog Topic Research and Ideation
  • Seasonal Research and Content Calendar Creation
  • Article / Page / Creative Copywriting

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