Content Strategy

Content Strategy guides the content you plan, produce and promote based on your company’s goals and users’ needs.

You Probably Need Content Strategy

It’s challenging to create and manage successful content. If you’ve ever been tasked with publishing content online, you’ve likely felt the frustration of some of these common questions:

  • What should we prioritize?
  • How much do we write, and where should it go?
  • Who should write it?
  • How will our audience find it?
  • How did we end up with five articles on the same topic?

Any company with a digital presence, goals and a target audience needs a holistic Content Strategy. Our experts can help you wrangle all the components, and guide all the planning, for successful content.

Our Process Works With You

As with all of Greenlane’s services, we fit in anywhere you need us. Whether you need a full-on upheaval of your content for a redesign, or someone to train your copywriters on best practices.


We get aligned on your ideal vision, goals and the current state of your content. This may include:

  • Editorial and Brand Discovery
  • Content Audit


We analyze your audience needs and competitive landscape to begin to craft a unique strategy. This may include:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Topic Gap Analysis
  • Content Ideation


We plan, outline, provide briefs and train your copywriters, or write the content ourselves. This may include:

  • Content Priority Guides
  • Language Guidelines
  • Best Practice Guidelines and Training
  • Copywriting

Cross-Channel Strategy Is Best

You may have heard the saying, “content is king,” but we think this popular phrase almost obscures content’s vital role. Successful content never sits on a throne alone, but rather it needs to be interwoven into every other communication and marketing channel.

SEO and Content Strategy

Content is one of the ‘three pillars’ of SEO. Optimizing copy used to mean writing for ranking algorithms, but today optimizing means writing for humans. By including this foundational work in an SEO engagement, we can more fully understand user intent, and ensure all on-page SEO recommendations are consistent with your brand.

Analytics and Content Strategy

Successful content can and should be measured by the right parameters. If mass search volume is less important than qualified leads, your data should reflect that. If you want better insight into whether your current site visitors match your ideal audience, Analytics can help.

CRO and Content Strategy

Forms, buttons and other engagement points are content considerations, too. Digital content is meant to evolve, to be tested. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is key in helping us fine tune our UX Copy and answer questions such as: Why aren’t people filling out the form you built? Is the language clear enough?

Paid Ads and Content Strategy

The insight you get through PPC, display and paid social ads can greatly inform the content on your site, and vice versa. When Content Strategy is in included in a PPC or Display engagement, we work together to share new learnings to test and publish copy that’s consistently on brand and converts.

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