If you’re not ranking in your own area, how can your business grow beyond it? Take a local approach to search engine optimization (SEO) with Greenlane Search Marketing.

Local Ranking Strategy for Businesses Small & Large

Anyone who owns a brick-and-mortar business (or multiple!), knows that getting foot traffic or local customers often requires having a big presence on Google. 

But hiring a generalized national SEO consultant often doesn’t cut it for ranking in your specific region; you need a marketing agency that takes a local SEO approach — that makes your business appear above your competitors for geographical searches, in map packs, and beyond. 

Greenlane’s Approach to Local SEO

Our agency takes a focused approach for both small and large businesses whose local presence matters the most.

Local Ranking Factor Optimization

There are a number of factors used by search engines to determine your SERP position for target keywords. But few realize there are different ranking factors most relevant to local SEO vs. traditional. From directory listing management and location-specific landing pages to mobile experience website updates, we know what Google prioritizes when serving local results. 

Competitor Research & Strategy

There’s a lot you can learn from those already outranking you. But our team doesn’t just play copycat. We do extensive competitor audits and strategize ways to go beyond your competition’s good ideas to climb a few SERP positions above. 

More Than Just Ranking

Of course, you want to be the first to show on Google for local searches, however, we care about more than boosting your rankings alone. Our agency offers full marketing and sales funnel strategy, helping you get relevant traffic, leads, and sales — and meet all your upper management KPIs.

Our Local SEO Services

Get both strategic consulting and practical implementation. Explore our advisory and optimization services below.

Local SEO Strategy & Research

  • Geo-Targeted Research & Analysis 
  • Local Persona/Audience Research & Analysis
  • Local SEO Funnel Analysis
  • Local Competitor Audits
  • Local SEO Keyword Research

Local SEO Optimization

  • Local Geo-Targeted Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Service & Offering Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Local Content Planning & Content creation
  • Google Business Profile & Bing Places Optimization
  • Schema Markup for Local SEO

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