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Are you AMP’ed? It looks like Google is rolling out AMP tags in mobile SERPs.

We’ve confirmed that informational searches are starting to return pages with a new special AMP designation, complete with an AMP logo that really causes the result to stick out.

The new AMP tag as it appears in mobile SERPs.
The new AMP tag as it appears in mobile SERPs.

We’re seeing this on both Android and iOS, in multiple locations and on multiple carriers. Searches that produce the “Top stories” box, such as for a current event or new product, return news stories that can include the new AMP-tagged pages.

Although all of the pages in the “Top stories” box are mobile friendly, the mobile-friendly tag is not used. This tag is still included in the normal search results below the “Top stories” box, however.

We’re not seeing AMP tags in any results outside of the “Top stories” box.

Is your site AMP ready?

It’s not easy being AMP, but it’s worth it. If you’re not familiar, check out Accelerated Mobile Pages are essentially a strict subset of HTML tags that you can use to create an alternate, AMP version of static informational pages. These pages are built for speed first, everything else second, with the goal of having pages load instantly.

Once you create an alternate AMP version of a page, you then link it to the regular version of the page using this code:

Add the following to the non-AMP page:

<link rel="amphtml" href="">

And this to the AMP page:

<link rel="canonical" href=""

There is a WordPress plugin that can help, but it’s in beta and will take some work on your part to get it going.

Want some more info? Check out my recent talk on AMP from SEO Grail Philadelphia:

Sean Malseed
Sean Malseed
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