Q&A sites are a huge source of information and learning.  We use them for discovering searchers’ interests and pain points, which in part can drive a content strategy.  Next to learning, Q&A sites are also great for establishing yourself as an authority in a given topic. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice – if you want to drive new leads or position yourself as a thought leader, hang out on a Q&A site.  It’s solid advice.

There’s also people outside of marketing who just truly enjoy hanging out in Q&A platforms.  We envisioned a tool that could serve a few purposes – those for marketers as well as the general public.  A tool that could easily pull questions on demand using a particular keyword, to help generate useful and relevant blog topics. So, Sean Malseed built it.

Introducing the [BETA] Fresh Question Finder



This is our version of a blog topic generator. Right now, we’re focusing on two of the most popular Q&A sites – Quora and Yahoo Answers.

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The answers are pulled and sorted through each platform’s feed.  All Yahoo categories are included, and the top 265 Quora categories by search rankings are included as well. Missing a category you’d like to see? Hit us up!

Using these populated questions, you can identify gaps to target with new content. You have the opportunity to truly engage with your audience and be the first one to create a solution for them.

Note: While being a huge platform, the Quora feed unfortunately doesn’t populate in real time.  You may occasionally find some fairly old questions in Quora – we’re working on a way around this.  It’s still helpful for research and answering.


Here’s how you use the Fresh Question Finder:

Try out this free tool and let us know what you think!  If you see any issues, or have feature requests, please add them in the comment or email help@greenlaneseo.com.

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Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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I've been doing SEO since 1996. Blogger, speaker, and teacher at Philadelphia University. I started Greenlane in 2005 to help clients leverage search marketing to hit business goals. I love this stuff.

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