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Last year I introduced The Simple SEO Site Audit Tool to quickly get a sense of your entire site’s tags, complete with a schema audit – right out of Google Sheets. It’s a glorious invention between Sean Malseed (of RankTank) and myself.

Sean is a machine.  Immediately after creating he asked, “what else ya got?”

“Well, I’d love a tool that can scrape the SERPs en masse, and show discrepancies between when Google is showing the true title tag and meta description vs. a Google-generated one. Also, I’d love to see a tool that could show me when rich snippets finally took hold for the clients we’re doing schema work for. That would help in tracking ROI from that work. Oh, and it would be wicked cool if it could also be done in Google Sheets again for free.”

So without haste, Sean created it. Introducing the Meta and Rich Snippet Tester. This is a great way to get a quick audit of your active rich snippets in one spreadsheet testing tool.

How It Works

It’s a Google Sheets product, so the first crucial step (with any product like this) is to create a copy into your own Google Drive account. That unlocks it for your own use.

Then, simply add your domain and keyword you’d like to use to query against (you can also leave the query space blank):

Meta and Rich Snippet Tester


But wait… there’s more.  Sheet #2 is a lot more detailed:

Page 2 of Rich Snippet Tester

Another Shot Of Page 2 Meta & Rich Snippet Tester

That’s a ton of data.

So what can we learn from a quick review of Greenlane’s own data?

  1. Column D – Unfortunately we’re missing some metas so Google has created their own snippets.  I’m not a big fan of what they chose, so updating these tags could improve the snippets that ultimately drive click-thrus.
  2. Column B & G – We have no rich snippets in place. Since authorship was removed, that sounds about right. But if we were an eCommerce site, this would be information I’d really like to know in order to put together initiatives to push for those snippets.
  3. Column H through K – These give a real sense of where my mismatches are, allowing me to prioritize and dig into each page.

Turns out I have a lot of work to do.


I’m working on a powerful post where the rich snippet testing tool will be heavily featured, full of prime examples, but I’m really excited by the prospect of this tool and wanted to share now. Until then, dig in and give us your thoughts in the comments. To contact Sean directly, his Twitter is

Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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9 responses to “Introducing The Meta and Rich Snippet Testing Tool

  1. What’s Google Live SERP Title? I have big discrepancies between what I see in the doc and what I see in SERP.

    It seems that there is a 1 line gap that mess up the results.

    Otherwise, great tool, Thanks!

    • Hey Gabriel, sometimes that happens when Google takes too long. It usually clears up if you delete and re-enter the search term.

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