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Our agency model is designed to be an alternative to the usual SEO agency model

In 2012, Greenlane relaunched as an agency solely focused on SEO. We’ve since grown to include PPC and other services, but our reputation in SEO is as strong as ever. We have a brilliant team of problem solvers and have supported hundreds of great brands in our collective history. We are proud to have earned recognition as a judge for the US Search Awards and as a Moz Recommended Agency.

Some companies who trust us

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Success with SEO requires collaboration and iteration

You’ll never hear our clients say:

  • “We never know what our SEO company is working on or their strategy.”
  • “Our SEO agency doesn’t understand our business goals.”
  • “We don’t like this tactic, but our SEO company is forcing us to do it.”

At Greenlane, we are experts in getting visibility and conversions through organic. You are the experts in your business. Together, we are a united front.

We work closely with our clients, building strategies, supporting implementation, measuring, experimenting, and ultimately following the data. We work in an agile marketing framework. We trade long roadmaps for shorter “sprint-like” campaigns. This is more work than many agencies want to do, but this is the only way to win today in SEO. Our successes validate that.

After understanding your goals and KPIs, Greenlane will develop SEO strategies to drive ROI. We study the incoming data routinely and will always change course based on the incoming data. Through experiments, detective work, and experience, Greenlane will find your opportunities and maximize the ROI. This is where our experience sets us above most other agencies.

SEO pillars

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation upon which other SEO strategies rely for holistic success. It’s the optimization baseline for improving your crawlability, readability, and findability. The rest of your work may not matter if your technical SEO has issues.

So, we dig deep into your website to make sure any technical opportunities are revealed. We then work with your developers directly to improve. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Website architecture
  • Code, schema, and tag optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Site security
  • Web accessibility

We know how to work in every platform, at every level, and with every tool – from making recommendations at the code level to using tools to solve complex issues. And if a tool doesn’t exist, Greenlane has often been the first to build a new one for the SEO industry to use.

We have worked on dozens of one million+ page enterprise websites. We understand the challenges that come with implementing development projects. Don’t worry – we are entirely used to it all.

On-page SEO and Content

Google continually emphasizes the importance of useful, unique, and relevant content, marking it as a primary ranking factor in the search algorithm. It’s more than standard keyword research. Google is investing in semantic and natural language models that can rank content without the keyword appearing on the page. Our on-site offering tailors to your audience’s needs, your business’s goals, and your company’s unique voice. Content is your brand’s equity; it draws in visitors, converts them, keeps them engaged, and returning for more.

Some of our more popular projects are:

  • Competitive content analysis
  • Competitive gap analysis
  • Content calendars
  • Keyword to topic mapping
  • Optimizing for rich snippets

Link Acquisition and Content Marketing

Do you have some compelling copy? Let’s show search engines how important and valuable it is. Building popularity is a big signal to search engines. We create 100% white hat and personalized link-acquisition and promotion strategies that tie into clients’ marketing goals and existing marketing strategies. We rely on something other than fast tactics or short-term goals. Greenlane provides:

  • Link acquisition through promotion & outreach
  • Backlink audit & analyses
  • Link penalty recovery

Local SEO

Perhaps you focus on a specific geographic area. We can develop strategies that work in your local market. Businesses with a walk-in location can compete in search engines as well as anyone. Search engines have created many more opportunities for the brick-and-mortar business in recent years. With new mobile technologies comes more complexity, which Greenlane has a complete handle on.
Greenlane provides support for:

Greenlane provides support for:

  • Improved map rankings
  • Leveraging IYPs (internet yellow pages)
  • Improving conversions through effective local marketing
  • Tracking conversions

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