A couple people in the agency were blessed by Google today.  They got to try out a new social-driven interface.

This could be huge.

We knew Google was coming with something like this.  Once you’re logged in with a google account, you’ll have the options to remove listings you don’t like, change the orders, voting, add comments, and more.  PLUS – there’s a link that you can see how OTHER people organized the search for themselves.  Sound like tags.

Will the voting affect the natural search?  I have to think it might… since Google always says they’re about recommendation signals.  But would a thumb’s down hurt your rankings?

I also have to think that the traditional relevancy will stay very important to Google.  They put too much stock into their algos, and this kind of social search could be gamed.  But looks like the SEO 2.0 philosophy is going to start paying off.

More on Tumblr.

Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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