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Last week I did a Mozinar on content purging, and how it can improve your SEO.  If that sounds interesting to you, click this link to check out the recording.

Now in that webinar, I shared a Google Sheets tool we built to help pull website data fast.  Paste a list of your URLs, and voilà – your data is available in a Google Sheets format (which you can easily export into Excel if you wanted to).  From different groupings from different date ranges, get your sessions, pageviews, conversions, etc.  Not unlike something you can get from URLprofiler or Screaming Frog, but if you like this alternative, you can have it.

Today we’re making that tool available to you as our latest addition to Greenlane Garage.

Try It Now > The URL Performance Tool (in Google Sheets)

Simply click the link above. You’ll be prompted to make a copy (so be logged into Google).

The tool looks like this:


The tool was created to provide a high-level snapshot of a page’s performance without the need of logging into, and navigating through, an analytics platform. Built with the Supermetrics add-on for Google sheets (which you will require for this to work), and combined with Google Analytics, it brings together widely used tools in a scalable and customizable format.  Quickly get data like sessions, pageviews, average time on page, bounce rate, conversions and conversion rate.

So next time you just want a quick look at website data for a list of your URLs, you can go to Google Analytics and wrestle it out of there, or use this tool.


  • Installed Supermetrics
  • Active Google Analytics account, and login access to the desired account
  • Google sheets

Note: The logic used to create this tool can easily be converted for use in the Google Analytics API if that is your preference.

Give it a try.  If you have any questions, email  Have fun!

Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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7 responses to “Introducing The URL Performance Tool

  1. I will be honest, I am not sure what this tool is yet. I have copied the #link and will follow #instructions and get back to you with #results .

    • It’s a very simple tool for a very specific need. Website metrics, pulled out of Google Analytics quickly using Google Sheets. I suspect this is a tool only a few would really find valuable, depending on what kind of data you usually require. It was one we used heavily for the subject of the above-mentioned Mozinar!

  2. I really do not see the point in this. “Navigating through” your analytics platform, for example Google Analytics, is easy and you can save a custom report as a shortcut. Plus you do not have to pay for Supermetrics subscription.

  3. Hi Bill, I’m from Supermetrics and would love to try this out. But when clicking the link it says I don’t have permissions. You should check the sharing settings of the file. Thanks.

  4. Doesn’t work for me. I get the following message: Some accounts not found. The query has been loaded to the editor, but some Google Analytics accounts could not be found from the active Google Analytics user ( The account selections that have not been loaded are:

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