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There must be thousands of SEO tools. While many tools are junk, a few great tools rise up each year and grab our attention. They’re often built for some very specialized needs. Of all the industries these brilliant developers could build in, they chose SEO. I’m always thankful and curious. As a fan of SEO tools, both free or paid, I’m excited to learn about new ones.

A few months ago I got an email from François of Linkody asking for some feedback. It did a nice job of link management and monthly ‘new link’ reporting. Pricing was very low, it’s completely web-based, and is very simple and clean. It pulls from the big backlink data providers, and even has a free client-facing option (exclusively using Ahrefs) at Great for quick audits. I’ve used it quite a bit myself, and was happy to give a testimonial.

The link management function isn’t new to the SEO space. Many tools do it already, like Buzzstream and Raven – and they do it quite well. Additionally, link discovery is an existing feature of tools like Open Site Explorer, yet this is an area where I see opportunity for growth. I love the idea of these ‘new link’ reports, but honestly, haven’t found anything faster than monthly updates. I know it’s a tough request, but I mentioned this to François. By tracking “as-it-happens” links, you can jump into conversations in a timely manner, start making relationships, and maybe shape linking-page context. You might even be able to catch some garbage links you want to disassociate yourself from quicker.

The other day I received a very welcomed response: “I wanted to inform you of that new feature I’ve just launched. Do you remember when you asked me if I had any plan to increase the (monthly) frequency of new links discovery? Well, I increased to a daily frequency. Users can know link their Linkody account with their Google Analytics account and get daily email reports of their new links, if they get any of course.

Sold. That’s a clever way to report more links, and fill in gaps that OSE and Ahrefs miss.

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Upon discovering the new URL, you can choose to monitor it, tag it, or export.

The pros: Linkody picks up a bunch of links on a daily basis that some of the big link crawlers miss. You can opt for daily digest emails (think, Google Alerts). Plus it’s pretty cheap!

The cons: It needs Google Analytics. Plus, for the Google Analytics integration to track the link, the link has to actually be clicked by a user. However, for those who have moved to a “link building for SEO and referral traffic generation” model (like me), this might not be much of a con at all.

What’s on the roadmap?

As François told me, “next is displaying more data (anchor text, mozrank…) for the discovered link to help value them and see if they’re worth monitoring. And integrating social metrics.” Good stuff. I’d like to see more analytics packages rolled in, and more data sources? Maybe its own spider?


If you’re a link builder, in PR, or a brand manager, I definitely recommend giving Linkody a spin. It’s a great value. Keep your eye on this tool.


Bill Sebald
Bill Sebald
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4 responses to “Review of Linkody

  1. Hi, I am also finding many online tools for seo but i am not satisfied by using those tools . Thanks for sharing this tool.

  2. Hi Bill, I can honestly say as an SEO of 11 LONG years this link monitoring system is the best out there. Francois listens to his customers and always updates it making it better each month.
    We use Linkody daily and couldn’t be without it.


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