Using Google Search Console Tools To Clean Up Your (404) Act

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Here’s a quick link building (or link reclamation) tip for you.  Google Webmaster Tools has really grown.  Yeah, there’s still some squirrely reporting (like why my impression count is exactly the same every day), but the Crawl Errors function is vital for anyone who adds and removes a lot of pages or has switched sites and URLs.

A client of mine recently got a new website.  More than a reskin, 98% of the URLs had changed (for the better).  With Screaming Frog and some insight on what the URLs were going to be, I was able to whip together a good .htaccess file to use.

The new site has been live for a few months now, and despite thinking I had the 404 issues pretty covered, I logged into the Crawl Errors tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools - URL Errors





I thought I had it under control.  Clearly not.  But Google makes it easier than ever to fix.  Click the Not Found button, and take a look at the list of 404’s it gives you.

Ideally, you can clean these up with a couple of sweeping server redirects.  In my case, I simply forgot to remove an old XML sitemap.  But the beautiful thing is that each resulting page can be clicked for more information:

That’s a pretty sweet link I was missing out on.  I made this my priority.  You might find some nuggets too with a fairly small amount of digging.

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